10 formas de dizer à sua mãe que a ama

Loving our mom can be described as easy and natural as breathing. Then, why don’t we let her know more often how much we love her? 

From the moment we were born a bond is forever formed. Right there and then, we find the meaning of comfort and love. The more she takes care of us, the more we fall in love with her, and - as surprising as it may seem - we actually show it to her in our own baby ways

So, let’s not forget to keep showing our mothers how much we love them, even after we “leave the nest”. It doesn’t have to be an extreme gesture, just be honest and authentic. It will mean the world to her whether you're still young or all grown up with a family of your own. Love can come in many different ways, and she’ll 100% appreciate any effort you put into making her feel loved. Here are 10 beautiful ways to tell your mother you love her


1. Write a card or letter 

If you have a hard time expressing your feelings out loud, put it on paper. Write down how much you love her, how much you appreciate everything she has done for you… She will get to keep it forever and go back to reading it. You can also take the opportunity to list specific things you fondly remember her doing for you, or specific things about her, things that make her such a beautiful person and mother. If you feel like letting your creativity flow, you can even write her a poem. Poems have such a way to touch people’s hearts. 

Regardless of what you decide to write down, be genuine. Make your mom feel like she is heard, appreciated, and valued. Then, why not create and decorate the card yourself? Sure, you can buy a beautiful card, but there’s something about one that’s handmade with love. Use colored paper, watercolors, wildflowers… add sewing touches or sparkles. It’s really up to you.


2. Show affection 

Give your mom lots of hugs and kisses, and remember to reinforce those if you feel like she’s had a bad day. It will mean more than you know - touch is the most basic form of communication among humans. There’s no better way to tell your mom you love her. Plus, it will not only make your mom’s day, but yours also - among its many other health benefits, what may seem like a simple kiss has the power to boost your “happy hormones”. 

Offer her smiles, even if you’ve had a bad day yourself. We all know how moms tend to worry, and also let’s try to spare her our grumpiness. 

Remember to call your mother. Even though you feel that you have no extra time in your busy and hectic life, try to make time to call your mom. Listen to her and be there for her. Also, take the opportunity to share your life with her - moms love to know what’s going on. Ask them for advice, and share your good (or bad) news with her. Once in a while call her just to say you love her, it's simple but effective.  


3. Do nice things for her 

Take the initiative to do something nice for her and take some of the load off her shoulders. Help your mom by cleaning her house. Why not?  She will be over the moon if she comes home to a tidy house: clean and put away the dishes, or run the vacuum around the house. Make it particularly special by cooking her dinner. She will love whatever you make, even if it’s macaroni and cheese. Remember the power of simple gestures. 

You can also help with the yard work. Why not give extra color to the garden with a few new flowers? She will love them, and you’ll also be helping save the planet by planting flowers that attract bees. Lavender, blue borage, and lilac are just a few examples. 

Cleaning her car is also a great option - take it to the car wash, or wash it yourself, and don’t forget to vacuum it. Small things can also make a difference. Why not bring her a cup of coffee or tea when she is not expecting it? She will be grateful for the thoughtful gesture.       


4. Take her on a date

When was the last time you spent some mother-daughter quality time together? Take a few hours or even a day and take her out. Make sure to put your phone away, and pay attention only to her. Take her out to dinner, go to the library, or a movie. Why not take her on a picnic? Plan it in your favorite place: by the lake, at the park, in a meadow… Prepare her favorite snacks and don’t let her do any of the work. Take lots of pictures and videos, so you can go back to that moment one day. 

You can also join in on a hobby. Doing something your mom is interested in with her is a great way to tell your mom you love her. Plus, activities are more enjoyable if you have someone to share them with. Does she attend a book club? Does she go for a run each morning? Does she love bakery… embroidery? Join her - you can even find a workshop and go to it together. 


5. Give her some “me time”

We all know a mom’s life can be hectic, so much so that they end up neglecting self-care. Even though they feel like essential things such as sleep or eat well are the least of their concerns, it’s up to us - the people who love them - to ensure they don’t forget about themselves. 

Give her a spa day at home. Take everyone else out of the house, fill the tub with bubbles and her favorite bath bombs, prepare a face mask, light some candles, play soft music and let her relax. Why not give her a mani-pedi and do her hair? By the end of it, she’ll be feeling like new - completely refreshed. 

Let her go shopping, take a nap, watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk, or just do nothing. Ask her what she wants to do for the day and make that happen. She deserves it.


6. Leave her notes 

There are so many different ways to tell your mom you love her, and leaving her notes is one of them. Leave them around the house, in her car, put them in her lunch bag, stick them in the mirror…  

Write things like “You’re the best mom in the world”, “you’re beautiful”, “I love you”, “I loved yesterday’s dinner”, and don’t forget: say “thank you”. Tell her how grateful you are for everything she does for you. 


7. Create a compilation video

Creating a compilation video for your mom is something that will definitely make her emotional. It’s something so easy to make, but with so much meaning and warmth to it. You can start by mixing old with updated photos and homemade videos of you and your siblings and happy family moments. Add text, music and your mom's favorite colors to add an extra spark. 

Join the family for a “movie night” and surprise her with this video. 


8. Make a scrapbook

A scrapbook is such a wonderful, personal and creative way to compile family moments. It’s also so easy to go back to and keep for a lifetime. 

Choose scrapbook materials, and color scheme according to your mom's style. Does she love pastel colors or bright colors?  Pick the perfect size for whatever you have in mind. Then start gathering photos. Select photos from when you were a baby, school ones, family trips, birthdays, and other important moments… You can cut them into fun shapes, but remember to scan them and keep the original ones in one piece.  Use black and white for contrast and add text. 

Include concert or flight tickets, maps, receipts, and other mementos. Don’t forget to grab stickers and other decorations for the pages and add your personal touch to the scrapbook. Press flowers, add envelopes made of patterned paper, washi paper, and ribbon. Make it fun. 


9. Make her breakfast in bed 

Waking up to breakfast in bed… is there a better way to start the day? On her birthday or mother’s day make it all about her. Our mom deserves it, and let’s be real, hasn’t she made you countless breakfasts? 

Breakfast in bed is a classic for a reason - you are showing your loved one you care. Pancakes, toasts, doughnuts, muffins, yogurt, fruit, juice, coffee… What does she love? Pamper her with all she deserves. If you don’t know where to start, here are 20+ breakfast-in-bed recipes to whip up for mother's day


10. Give her a gift 

Everyone loves to get a gift every now and then. It means someone loves you and thought of you. So, when the time comes to choose her a gift, think about what she likes and pick something meaningful. Spoil your mom with her favorite flowers, or make her a playlist with songs she loves - don’t forget some classics. Add it to her phone and she will be ecstatic. 

If you want to be adventurous knit her a crochet scarf, or make her a unique piece of art. Cook her favorite dessert or make her natural handmade beauty products. There are lots of recipes online for body scrubs, bath bombs, lotion bars, lip balms, facial masks… 

Also, which woman doesn’t love jewelry? Especially if those pieces are meaningful. Gift her with her own wellness jewelry. The Good Vibes Locket Moonstone is the perfect jewelry piece for a mother. Moonstone represents divine femininity and it's said it radiates motherly protection - learn more about it here. Add an extra meaning to it by custom design the locket necklace. Surprise your mom with a personalized jewelry piece and make her feel as special as she is.




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