A Heartfelt Journey at Cidade do Zero in Portugal

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the heartfelt invitation extended to us by Catarina Barreiros to participate in the beautiful community celebration that is Cidade do Zero in Portugal. This year, in the vibrant city of Lisbon, held at the Centro Cultural de Belém, the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. It was an opportunity we cherished from the depths of our hearts.

Throughout our time at this second remarkable gathering, we had the privilege of connecting with our cherished clients - some of whom seemed like serendipitous encounters, while others were brand new faces, swiftly transforming into our newfound friends. Amidst the backdrop of diverse brands and the resounding energy of the event, even the persistent threat of rain couldn't dampen our spirits. In fact, it only seemed to enhance the enchantment.

Our gratitude extends beyond words to Catarina, João, and their tireless team. They sacrificed their sleep to ensure our well-being and the success of every facet of this celebration. The workshops we had the privilege to attend left us in awe, particularly the sessions on sneaker and furniture repair. These eye-opening experiences introduced us to countless new brands and brought us into the warm embrace of a multitude of fascinating individuals, including newfound friends from as far away as San Francisco, CA.

One significant achievement we're proud to share is our increased silver recycling. (Yes, we do have a silver recycling program!) In a heartwarming twist, we even found ourselves rushing to deliver a second piece to someone who was on the brink of going back to their homeland of Thailand.

However, beyond these incredible moments, what truly resonates with us is the profound importance of ethical practices, encompassing recycling and waste reduction. It's about the small, everyday choices we make to ensure we're contributing positively to our planet. We don't advocate for drastic changes in your life or shopping habits because we recognize that sustainability must be a sustainable choice in itself. We don't need groundbreaking technology to make a difference; we simply need to conscientiously consider our choices, our shopping habits, and the dedicated efforts of small brands committed to doing things right.

It's not an easy path, especially for small brands like ours, but at the end of the day, we take solace in knowing that we're doing our utmost to make a positive impact. This shared commitment to ethical values is what infuses events like Cidade do Zero with meaning and purpose. It's the bedrock of a beautiful love for the future, and it's what makes us truly happy.

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