The Best Ethical Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

Deciding on the best gift for special women in your life can be overwhelming. There are just so many options: clothing, perfume, make-up, luxury bags, accessories… or jewelry. Yes, jewelry is the ultimate perfect gift. It can last a lifetime, it has meaning, it can be personalized, it can be passed on, it is suitable for any age, it tells a story… The reasons are endless. Plus, jewelry can be chosen according to one's personality, favorite color, metal, or style. 

If you want to make sure you are picking the right piece, observe the person concerned. Does she go for big and bold, or tiny and delicate pieces? You can always ask for help as well - ask other people for advice, or describe your friend (or family member) to the jeweler. Stay away from certain metals, such as zinc and nickel to avoid allergies - sterling silver and gold are usually great choices. Finally, but far from less important: pick an ethical jewelry brand. 

Why is ethical shopping important?

Sustainable and ethical are two words making waves these days but do we actually know why are they so important? 

Ethical trade concerns the actions taken by companies to ensure that workers’ rights are met across the entire supply chain - from raw materials sourcing to their own operations. Rights such as fair wages, health and safety, and freedom of association, among others. This means that being ethical also involves being sustainable.

This being said, it’s all-important to do research on the brand you are buying from. It’s so easy to be sucked in by brands that are actually greenwashing, making people believe that they are doing more for the environment than they really are - especially around Christmas time.

As an ethical brand, Wonther’s precious metals’ supply chain must strictly comply with the following principles: the materials must not be acquired where there are human rights violations, such as child labor or slavery; worksite conditions must respect workers’ rights and safety; the suppliers must not practice or support criminal - namely money laundering or tax evasion - or terrorist activities; and the extraction and processing of the materials must not present harm to the environment. Read more about Wonther’s Ethical Commitment here

Giving ethical gifts is not only a thoughtful gesture but can also be a wonderful opportunity to share the beauty of fair trade and earth-friendly brands with loved ones. To help you find the best ethical jewelry gift ideas, here are 5 of our most precious collections

1. Good Vibes 

Wonther’s Good Vibes collection has stolen many hearts and once you get to know the Good Vibes locket necklace, your heart will be too. There’s something quite magical and mysterious about lockets that no one can completely understand. All of them are unique and tell a different story.

Lockets became highly popular as a fashion accessory during the Victorian era and are a “must-have” ever since. They are timeless charms that comfort heavy hearts and celebrate the bonds of love throughout history

The locket symbolism varies depending on the style, on the occasion, or on what it’s inside the jewelry piece. It’s the perfect gift for a grandma as it will probably take her back years, to a time where her mother or even herself owned a locket with the photo of her sweetheart in it … who knows? These are sentimental pieces, once used by women to hope for the safe return of their lovers, or used by men in battles as a reminder of home. 

All the same, these lockets might be the perfect fit for a young mom, who’s looking for a meaningful high-quality jewelry piece to pass on to her daughter. The locket is indeed the perfect heirloom. 

The special feature of the Good Vibes locket is the crystals you can add to it. Wonther has precious stones that you can add to the locket to boost the energy you (or the person you are buying it for) need the most: Lapis-Lazuli irradiates confidence, Malachite irradiates leadership, Rose Quartz, love, and Moonstone, feminine energy. These precious stones reflect your mood, your spirit, and your “me time”. 

Read more about what makes the locket necklace the best Christmas gift ever in the blog.


2. Lucky numbers

Lucky numbers are another collection just as dear to us. Have you ever felt attracted to a number and don’t know why?

Numbers have held symbolic value throughout time and a lot of people believe they have a certain vibration or frequency, hence the lucky feel to them. They speak differently to each person and are attached to individual experiences as memories, so there are no right nor wrong interpretations. Here are a few good luck number meanings: 

Zero is an all-inclusive number because it is the only one that symbolizes all that is. Although it’s associated with nothingness, zero relates to infinite possibilities. It transmits a vibe that we are on the right path, working to bring the best version of ourselves.

One is the “first” of all numbers! There is an aura of strength and motivation around this number since it is a pioneer in its willingness to accomplish new things and establish the way for others. 

Two represents an admirable feminine force: grace and power. It always focuses on bringing peace and balance to a situation or relationship. Although it is cooperative, it is also very sensitive and has the strongest intuition among all the numbers.

Three is one of the very important single-digit numbers. It’s known as a communicator, and in all forms of expression, it glows. Because it explodes with ideas, dreams, and thoughts, and it needs to share them with the world.

Four is known for its efficiency, productivity, and strength, but also for being a no-nonsense, life, and work-oriented number. Besides being dependable, it can lend to stability. 

Five is the middle number, therefore it holds a special place. It can be seen as a crucial point of change. Number 5 is very curious and needs several thrilling experiences to feel accomplished. 

Six is the personification of the heart, symbolizing unconditional love, support, and healing. It is an impressive force of empathy and compassion, projecting in us the need to help others.

Seven is the number that represents wiseness. It is related to investigating more and more information to get to the bottom of the question – it naturally searches for awareness. It has a powerful intuition, which is used as a guide. 

Eight is the number related to success and karmic balance. It is an achiever and measures life by goals. Number 8 is a symbol for balance, due to its symmetrical shape – for every good thing it receives, it puts one back in the universe.

Nine is the number that represents completion, but not finality. It finishes a cycle, however, it’s just begging for another one. It is associated with transformation, guidance, and empowerment.

Whether it’s a gift for your mom, girlfriend, sister, or friend they would love to have their own lucky number as a necklace. Even though luck is ours to make, having a jewelry piece to remind us of it is never too much. Learn more about the power of each number here


3. Stamp It

Why not take advantage of Christmastime to remember the women you love that success is different for everyone and that they are doing great. The Stamp It collection was inspired by the edges of a wax stamp, as a manifestation of your own mark. Just like a stamp is unique and imperfect, so are humans. We can be successful at being a full-time mom, a CEO of a company, or a hairdresser, and regardless of what success looks like for each one of us, we should always stamp it proudly.  

Think about the woman you are buying the gift for and choose the piece that’ll suit her the best. Is it a necklace, or a ring? Hoops or studs?  

Next, which stamp do you think she’s needing the most? Family, representing the base for unconditional love; balance, for a more balanced life:  love, family, work, friends; rest, for some “me time”; own it, symbolizing conquest; or champion, for triumph or success.          


4. Fingerprint

You have certainly noticed how a fingerprint is different in every human being.  No two are completely alike. No two unlock the same door. The Fingerprint collection was created as an analogy for uniqueness. You are as unique as your fingerprint. And uniqueness is powerful. If you want to surprise special women in your life with a jewelry piece that empowers them, that represents their singularity, their personality, mind, and soul. A piece that says: being you is your superpower. Then, a piece from the Fingerprint collection is the way to go. 

These are bold and modern pieces that any powerful woman will love to own and proudly use. You can choose between the Life Link Bracelet, Fingerprint Necklace, Open Fingerprint Earrings, Link Necklace, Fingerprint Earrings, Fingerprint Bracelet, and Life Link Bracelet Silver.    


5. Identity

Letter initial necklaces are one of those pieces always trending. From the C Necklace On The Carrie Diaries used by AnnaSophia Robb back in 2013 to the H and M necklace Megan used to declare her love for Harry in 2016, letter initial necklaces are constantly on everyone's lips. And, really, who can judge? Letter initial necklaces are beautiful, classic, and customizable. They are a way to brand one’s identity. 

The Identity collection has all the letters you could ask for in two different materials: in 925 sterling silver 24k gold plated and in 18k solid gold. This necklace - each specific letter - carries your identity, story, and personal meaning. And just like with lucky numbers, a letter is attached to individual experiences as memories - you can pick a letter that represents a first name, last name, nickname, or any other letter with a special meaning for either you or the person you are buying it for. Many people choose their children’s initials or go a more creative way with initials to spell out a message, such as “XO” for hugs and kisses. 

Which letter do you think the woman in your life will connect more with?  If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can always learn more about it. Read the article about why the letter initial necklace trend is back for the Holiday season in the blog. 

Sidenote: Any of these pieces will become even more personal if you custom design it, having it engraved with a date or a special message. 

Finally, now that you’ve got an insight into these beautiful jewelry pieces and collections, and to end on a happy note, I’ll leave you with a proposal: This Holiday season, make decisions with the planet in mind - there are lots of ways to create a more ethical and sustainable Christmas. Why not start by sharing this article with friends and make them also choose ethical brands? The plan is to spread the message of an ethical and sustainable Christmas and get to as many people as we can. Plus, I’m sure they too are looking for meaningful gift ideas for the women in their lives. They deserve it. 

Let the magic of Christmas bring love, peace, and hope for a better and greener future. :)

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