Why the Initial Letter Necklace Trend is Back for the Holiday Season

Any personalized jewelry holds a special place in our hearts and letter initial necklaces aren’t any different. The good news are… This trend is back for the Holiday season! According to many fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue, initial necklaces are a trend for this year. Combining this personal and loving jewelry piece with “the most wonderful time of the year” is pure magic. Letter initial necklaces are beautiful, classic, and customizable - and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s delve into the details of these incredible pieces to find out why they are back (or never truly gone) for the Holiday season.

Origins of Monogram Jewelry

Letter initial necklaces are one of the most fashionable ways that monograms show up in today’s latest trends, but it’s far from being something new. Many historians agree that monogram jewelry comes from early Roman and Greek rulers. Then, during the Middle Ages, monograms were used by local artisans and craftsmen to mark their work. It was during the Victorian Era, however, that monograms were first utilized for personal use - sewn to linens so they would not get lost during the wash. Later on, monograms kept the symbolism of one's aristocracy but started to be used for decorative purposes, including silverware, and objects like lockets. It was then that monogram jewelry was first created. 

The letter initial necklace today

Nowadays, everyone from celebrities to the everyday mom can be seen walking around with letter initial necklaces. Rather than showing off the full name with a name necklace, a monogram necklace adds an air of mystery and intrigue - it keeps people guessing, it’s a conversation piece. Contrary to a necklace representing your zodiac sign or birthstone, letter initial necklaces have enigmatic appeal. Everyone wants to know just what those letters stand for. The letter itself might reference your own name, or someone else’s as a mark of affection. Aside from that, there are so many other reasons why the letter initial necklace trend is back for the Holiday season. Here are a few of them:

It’s personalized 

One of the reasons the letter initial necklace is a trend this Holiday season is due to its personalization and customization - we love making things our own. You can choose a letter that represents a first name, last name, nickname, or any other letter that has a special meaning for either you or the person you are buying it for. Many people choose their children’s and lover’s initials or go a more creative way with initials to spell out a message, such as “XO” for hugs and kisses. The personalization options for a letter initial necklace are basically endless.

Besides, there’s little else as thoughtful as a personalized gift. It has meaning, it’s unique, and it tells a story - the story of your relationship is forever etched on a thought-out gift that can last a lifetime. 

It’s a way to brand one’s identity

What started as a strictly personal way of identifying personal belongings, has now evolved into a way to brand one’s identity - your sense of self. Our identity is the storyline of us, the memories, expectations, the people who surround us… And a letter initial necklace carries that identity and personal meaning. It’s the materialization of it all. 

These are timeless pieces that you can style in your own, unique way. 

It strengthens bonds

The feeling of joy, warmth, and nostalgia is almost tangible during the Holiday season. Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and we celebrate family and friends. That’s also why the letter initial necklace trend is back for the Holiday season. The sentimental value of initial jewelry makes it the perfect gift. It’s a reminder that someone tenderly thought about you and your love becomes attached to the piece turning it into something worth passing on - a family heirloom if you wish. The person who receives it will have a permanent smile on their face every time they wear it. 

It’s a symbol of high fashion

Just as they were once used in high society, monograms are now also a symbol of high fashion with many of the renowned designers taking on the monogram as their signature design, such as Louis Vuitton and Coco Channel

Was this not proof enough that monograms are on everyone's lips, celebrities are wearing letter initial necklaces non-stop, making their popularity skyrocket. From Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Taylor Swift, to Megan, Duchess of Sussex they are all fans of the personalized letter initial necklace. The latter used an initial necklace with simple "H" and "M" letters on the chain, back in 2016. With no words, just a simple gesture she confirmed that she and Prince Harry were a couple. Later, Megan also honored her son Archie with an “A” necklace. 

It may last a lifetime

The Holiday season is a time of gathering, giving and receiving, and sharing. We all want to surprise our loved ones with a lovely gift, but above all, a gift that they will appreciate. One that they’ll want to keep for the rest of their lives, and of course, one that will actually last. 

Quality jewelry lasts a lifetime. Wonther’s Identity collection has all the letters you could ask for in two different materials: in 925 sterling silver 24k gold plated and in 18k solid gold. And because true shine and quality come from materials with principles, what really seals the deal for most people is that these letter initial necklaces (and every other Wonther piece) are made with materials from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, whose origins we know respect human rights and the environment. 

More than giving a pretty gift this Christmas, choose a piece with meaning, made with love, principles, and values that both you and the person who receives it can be proud of. This Holiday season let’s think long term, think greener and as a side to the traditional gift let’s offer people and the planet a chance of a better future. Christmas is all about love and legacy after all.



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