The best jewelry for weddings that includes the whole family

Any celebration deserves an item that is reminiscent of it and that at the same time has a beautiful meaning, just like a wedding day. The bride, groom, godmother, mother of the bride, groomsmen, guests, everyone shines on this day.  On this very special day that celebrates love, the details count, and the jewelry and accessories are that special detail that makes the difference.


We’ve gathered a unique selection of pieces for all those involved in this special day. With an emphasis on contemporary and genderless style, we'll help complement the desired festive look while offering jewelry of timeless elegance.


Bride and Groom

Wonther Genderless Jewelry Engagement Rings

For the bride and groom, we’ve designed genderless wedding bands and engagement rings, which transcend conventions and celebrate any union, regardless of gender. Also, if the woman orders it, she will get a special 30% discount.



Wonther Genderless Jewelry

Brides can enhance their elegance with a pair of relevant drop earrings that complement the bridal look. The Women Tribe collection by Wonther offers sophisticated and timeless options for the bride to dazzle on this unique day, specifically the Lara earrings.



Wonther Genderless Jewelry Happyness Necklace

The bride and groom can enjoy a lucky charm on their special day. A Wonther Happiness necklace is the right choice to complement the groom's style and add a special touch to his look.



Wonther Genderless Jewelry Earrings

The maid of honor is certainly one of the most important people at a wedding and giving her look a special touch with the Open Fingerprint earrings - the right look to help her shine.



Wonther Genderless Jewelry Happyness Rings

If the best man prefers a more contemporary style, we suggest a Signet Happyness ring that will highlight her style and intention for the wedding day.



Wonther Genderless Jewelry Bracelet

An eye-catching bracelet can be the perfect accessory for any guest to highlight the arms and complement the festive style. Wonther's Stamp It bracelet is a suggestion that adds a standout touch to the look.


Wonther Genderless Jewelry Silver Bracelet

In any case, because It’s always an opportunity to shine at a wedding, we also suggest a Life Link Silver bracelet that will add a bold touch to the classic and distinguished wedding guest look.



Mother of the Groom

Wonther Genderless Jewelry Joy Earrings

The mother of the groom is one of the important figures on the wedding day. A hairstyle that enhances the face can be complemented with a pair of earrings that help highlight her beauty. We suggest the Women Tribe collection, the Joy earrings, a reinterpretation of the classic so that the mother of the groom shines even brighter on this special day.


Father of the Groom

Wonther Genderless Jewelry Family Necklace

The groom's father is the source of a future example for the family, and nothing better symbolizes family love than a Family Necklace. This Wonther piece will be the right amulet to accompany the father of the groom on this significant day.


Father of the Bride

Wonther Genderless Jewelry Family Signet Ring

At the highlighted moment of the bride's entrance, it is usual for her to be accompanied by her father's left arm. Dad's left hand will be the perfect focal point for a special piece of jewelry, such as a Family Signet ring from Wonther, which represents family celebration and togetherness.


Bride's Mother

Wonther Genderless Jewelry Boomerang Necklace

The mother of the bride is one of the stars of the wedding and deserves a piece of jewelry that highlights her face and that, in addition to adding elegance to her look, shows what she wishes for the bride and groom, she will receive in return. Wonther's Boomerang Big necklace is the ideal accessory for the mother of the bride to shine and show off her wish for happiness on this special day.



In addition to offering a diverse collection of genderless jewelry, at Wonther we provide a personalized service that allows our customers to create unique and exclusive pieces for their wedding day, including wedding rings and engagement rings. At Wonther we work with the bride and groom and guests to design personalized jewelry that perfectly complements their style and vision.


By celebrating love and togetherness without an emphasis on gender, Wonther wishes all couples, regardless of their type of celebration, a lovely wedding with joy and happiness.


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