What is organic love?

A bond that forms without hesitation, as natural as the breath we take in.

Organic Love is a term that describes a feeling of natural and authentic love between two (or more people). It is characterized by a sense of acceptance as if the love between the two individuals is as natural as breathing. It is a love that transcends superficialities and embraces the truest essence of who we are as individuals. The idea behind organic love is that it should be celebrated and embraced, regardless of who the people involved in the relationship are.

Organic love is rooted in the belief that all forms of love are valid and deserving of acceptance and validation. It emphasizes the value of open-mindedness and a non-judgmental attitude toward love, rather than trying to impose societal norms on relationships and who people should be allowed to love.

It is a bond that is formed without any forced effort, it just flows and grows organically. Not only that, but it is a love that is built on trust, understanding, and acceptance. It is a love that is all-encompassing, inclusive, and accepting of all types of love. It is a love that should be celebrated with joy and wonder. Organic love is a reminder that love comes in all forms and that we should embrace it wholeheartedly.

It's not about perfection, or finding the right one,
It's about accepting and letting love come.
It's not just for the chosen few,
It's for everyone, and it's pure and true.

A bond that forms without hesitation. Love is Love - as natural as the breath we take in.

We have designed a piece inspired in the organic love concept: It's the Organic Love Heart. See more here Organic Love Heart .

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  • Well right now the relationship am into is an organic relationship and it’s what am experiencing right now God bless this writer…. really wish I have money to get this beautiful organic love necklace for my partner…pls writer God will give u more wisdom for more writes up

    Kelvin on

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