8 reasons to start wearing sterling silver jewelry

Did you know that sterling silver has health benefits?

Silver is one of the most reflective metals in the world, so no wonder it’s known for its use in jewelry over the years. The earliest traces of jewelry can be linked to the civilizations in the Mediterranean and what is now called Iran around 3,000 to 400 BC.  Its popularity in jewelry spread across the world and it remains present in the fashion world to this day.

Sterling silver emerged as the solution to the challenge of working with soft pure silver. It’s an alloy created when 7,5% copper is added to 92,5% pure silver, which is why sterling silver is often referred to as “925 silver”. The copper is usually added to the silver alloy, to make the silver harder and therefore easier to work with, without compromising its brightness.

Countless reasons should convince you to start wearing sterling silver jewelry, and here are a few: 


It helps you enhance your style 

At Wonther we see jewelry as a form of intention and style. You can wear it as you wish: as an amulet, as a statement piece or both. Regardless, jewelry's unique character can help you express your style. That’s the beauty of it. You can create your own signature look by picking a type of jewelry that suits you and adapting it to your daily routine.


Jewelry can easily work as a window to your personal style. Therefore, if you pick large and bold pieces such as our Fingerprint Bracelet or Double Grab It Bracelet they are reflecting your daring and straightforward style. 


It has hypoallergenic properties

You might say goodbye to the rashes, redness and itchiness of an allergic reaction caused by other costume jewelry, because silver is one of the most hypoallergenic materials.  

Many people are allergic to certain metals like nickel, usually combined with softer metals to add strength and durability. However, sterling silver is hypoallergenic, which means it isn’t likely to cause any problems. Hypoallergenic jewelry is naturally compatible with the human body and achieves the same strength and durability as other types of metals that aren’t hypoallergenic.  


Highlights your features 

You can also make use of sterling pieces  to bring attention to certain body parts. Interesting right? You can actually  learn how to use this benefit in your favor. For example, do you feel like highlighting your face more than your chest? Wear smaller necklaces and go for larger earrings, like the Open Fingerprint Earrings. By picking the right piece you can easily bring attention to your neck, face, or hands. It's all about the style you choose. 


It’s easier to keep and maintain                

It is not unusual for sterling silver jewelry to get tarnished by air. On a better note: silver is easy to clean. There are countless at-home methods or household items that can be used to clean silver jewelry. Using baking soda or simply soap and water are great ways of doing it.

You can also check out our tips to help you clean and care for silver jewelry to gain a deeper insight into how to take care of your silver jewelry pieces.  


It has fantastic durability                  

There is no doubt that anyone who purchases a piece of jewelry wants it to last. One of the many benefits of a piece of sterling silver jewelry is that it will last a lifetime. If treated with care you’ll never have to replace it, and you can even pass it on to the next generation. Durability is precisely one of the main reasons for adding copper into pure silver. Silver is usually alloyed with copper to increase its hardness, strength, and durability. Nevertheless, if you are tired of your silver piece, you can ship it to us, because we will give it a new life. You can check out our Love, Give Back, Repeat Campaign here.


It also has multiple health benefits

Sterling silver has multiple health benefits. The contact of this metal with your skin can improve your body heat and mood, making it a wellness jewelry piece. Silver has properties that involve the offsetting of electrical disturbances and those can help with your circulation and heat regulation. 

Besides, researchers at the University of Southampton have proven that wearing a particular type of silver ring alleviates some symptoms of arthritis in the hands. They discovered that it also helps restore stability and range of motion in the inflamed joints.


It’s great for sterilization

Have you noticed that many medical devices are made out of silver? That’s because this metal is great for sterilization. It actually keeps germs away, so you may want to start carrying around your silver pieces more often, especially during this time. 

In ancient times, it was very common to use silver pieces for protection against viruses such as the flu. Today, it is scientifically proven that it really does fight off infection and bacteria.


It is a timeless choice

Last but not least, one more reason why you should start wearing sterling silver jewelry is that it doesn’t go out of style. A piece of jewelry made out of silver will remain timeless and elegant. It also allows you to keep up with the latest trends on a budget. 

Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s a wedding or simply a cup of coffee with a friend, you can never go wrong with a piece of 925 silver jewelry. This timeless material, with the most neutral and beautiful color, matches everything, even gold. Imagine an all-black outfit paired with a gorgeous silver piece. It adds a different glow, right? 


By choosing 925 silver you get a timeless and durable piece of jewelry. It helps you emphasize both your features and style, and it even brings benefits to your health.

Overall, you simply can’t go wrong with a sterling silver jewelry piece. It’s just a must-have for any jewelry lover. 


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