Malachite Stone: a power and heart stone

Malachite should be taken in for its beauty because it’s one of the most vibrant stones. It’s been linked to success and as a guardian stone for travelers. Overall, it’s a bad energy repellent. If you feel attracted to this stone, this is your stone.

The spiritual meaning of malachite

If you find the need for a powerful stone by your side, this is the stone for you. You can also see this crystal as a lucky crystal; if you need a bit of luck in your life, this is the one. This is also a heart chakra crystal, so use it over your heart chakra so you can eliminate past heavy baggage.

What is malachite

Did you know that malachite contains 58% copper? Malachite is a mineral that forms at shallow depths within the Earth, in the oxidizing zone above copper deposits. Basically, it’s formed after copper is weathered and oxidized. So the green color comes from an alternative form of copper and the malachite patterns are also incredibly unique.

What is the spiritual meaning of malachite

This is a powerful crystal; it’s also known as the power stone. It has been said that malachite puts you on a path of success and prosperity. It’s a strong, decisively aggressive energy.

It’s a great stone to help you break a bad habit or break a bad tie. It’s also recommended if you want to become more independent, more successful, and have a more abundant life.


How to use malachite for healing

It’s recommended that you use malachite over your heart chakra so you can release any blockage. It also causes impact in the solar plexus chakra, your emotional center. If you use it over the plexus chakra it will open the door to the heart chakra, relieving emotional pain.  It’s also a great gift for a friend or family member because it helps strengthen your bond.  But, if you are an empath, the powerful malachite energy crystal should be balanced with a soft, gentle energy crystal, such as rose quartz. You can wear this crystal with your Good Vibes Locket to always remind yourself of your transformation goals.


How do you clean malachite

Malachite is a relatively soft stone and can be easily scratched by something harder.

Malachite should be cleaned with care, so avoid harsh chemicals or high temperatures.

A simple soft cloth will do the work. You can also briefly rinse it under cold water. Although it shouldn’t be left in the water for long periods of time, especially if it’s hot water.

To energetically clean a malachite crystal, you should use brown rice because salt may scratch the surface.


Fun facts about malachite

It’s always fun to learn things such as: the Russian Tsars often used malachite to decorate their palaces and the green color does not fade… Here are some more interesting facts:

  • Also called "the merchant stone", malachite is believed to attract richness, therefore it is favorable to traders and businesspeople.
  • Malachite was the metal of Venus and the ancient followers of the goddess attributed important powers to the stone.
  • Malachite was used as a mineral pigment to create green paint until the 19th century (just like ultramarine from lapis lazuli).
  • In the Middle Ages, malachite was hung on children's beds and worn by adults to ward off evil spirits and dark magic.
  • In Rome it was named the peacock stone, which was the emblem of the goddess Juno.
  • You can still see an amazing 16 tons of malachite at St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.
  • It was used as an eye paint, a pigment for wall painting, in glazes and the coloring of glass.
  • Russian tsars and princesses have dedicated national tales and entire halls of their palaces to this gemstone.
  • It is also used as an anniversary gemstone for the 13th year of marriage - what a lovely gift.


The Good Vibes Locket with malachite

The Wonther Good Vibes Locket can incorporate several stones or crystals, and one of them is malachite, one of most powerful stones. It’s a stone used in jewelry pieces since ancient times. Please take care of the necklace and the stone. This is a “soft stone”, meaning it can chip easily. No stone is like another, so your stone is unique and… yours only. Remember, this stone is exclusive and it will bring you spiritual healing and power. If you feel attracted to this stone, this is your stone!


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