Which Precious Stone Represents Your Wedding Anniversary?

Looking for a Wedding Anniversary gift to celebrate a milestone in your marriage?

Did you know that the tradition of giving wedding anniversary gifts made of precious materials according to a wedding milestone has its origins in the Victorian era in England? At that time, it was believed that each gift should gradually increase in value as the years of the relationship passed. The more time that has been devoted to the relationship, the greater the value of the gift, to recognize the success of the marriage.

We have put together a Guide of Wedding Anniversary Stones for Every Milestone. Find out more about them here:

1st Anniversary Gemstone: Gold

Although gold is not a gemstone, it is the traditional metal for the first anniversary, the most valuable metal on earth. It represents a time of brilliance and prosperity in a couple's life.

At Wonther we have some gold pieces of jewelry to gift on your first wedding anniversary.

2nd Anniversary Gemstone: Garnet

The garnet gemstone symbolizes perseverance and strength and is known as a “commitment stone”. So, it is the perfect gift for a second wedding anniversary.

3rd Anniversary Gemstone: Pearls

Pearls are quite unique, so they should be worn on special occasions. A perfect gift for a 3-year wedding anniversary!

4th Anniversary Gemstone: Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is a gemstone that represents love and affection, so it makes an excellent 4th anniversary gift. It is also associated with loyalty and love because it symbolizes honesty and deep emotional connection.

5th Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire

Sapphire is a hard, stable gemstone that represents successful love, as well as a marriage that reaches the 5-year milestone.

6th Anniversary Gemstone: Amethyst

The gem for your 6th wedding anniversary gift is amethyst, it is the stone of protection, attracting positive energy and repelling negative energy.

7th Anniversary Gemstone: Onyx

Onyx is the elegant stone traditionally chosen for the seventh wedding anniversary, the lucky year, which can also symbolize how lucky you are to have your partner and how special they are to you.

8th Anniversary Gemstone: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known as the rainbow stone because of its variety of colors. It is a sparkling gemstone that symbolizes love and friendship, the perfect gift for an 8th wedding anniversary.

9th Anniversary Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli stone is known to strengthen relationships, help express emotions, and balance positive and negative energies, perfect for the 9th wedding anniversary.

10th Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond

The modern 10th anniversary gift is the diamond. This gemstone is a memorable and special piece that symbolizes strength, durability, and fiery passion, just like a 10-year marriage relationship.

11th Anniversary Gemstone: Turquoise

Turquoise symbolizes a prosperous and healthy future, so it is the ideal stone to gift when celebrating your 11th anniversary with your partner, as it represents the power and romance of your love.  

12th Anniversary Gemstone: Jade

Jade is the stone that represents luck, wisdom, stability, and love. This stone ensures a long life, perfect for celebrating a 12th wedding anniversary.

13th Anniversary Gemstone: Citrine

The stunning citrine is the 13th wedding anniversary stone and can vary in color from yellow to brown. It is a stone that repels negative energies and is known as the stone of cuddles, due to its healing properties.

14th Anniversary Gemstone: Opal

Opal symbolizes love and hope. It is a gorgeous stone used as a focal point in jewelry, the ideal gift for a 14th wedding anniversary.

15th Anniversary Gemstone: Ruby

Red is the traditional color of this anniversary, so red ruby is considered the 15th anniversary stone, symbolizing the passionate love that represents this milestone.

16th Anniversary Gemstone: Peridot

Peridot is the traditional stone to gift on your 16th wedding anniversary. It is a hollow silver stone in stunning green shades that are a reminder of the tenderness and lightness of your relationship.

17th Anniversary Gemstone: Carnelian

The gemstone associated with the 17th anniversary is carnelian, an orange-red stone that signifies endurance and is an energy booster, protecting the relationship from bad vibrations.

18th Anniversary Gemstone: Cat’s Eye

To gift on your 18th wedding anniversary nothing better than a stone with a unique appearance, such as a cat's eye chrysoberyl.

19th Anniversary Gemstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone that is associated with tranquility, hope, clarity, and fidelity, all of which are important for a successful marriage. Which makes it the perfect stone to mark the 19th anniversary.

20th Anniversary Gemstone: Emerald

The green emerald is an elegant stone that makes a special gift to celebrate the 20th anniversary, a unique milestone in a couple's life. This gemstone symbolizes feelings that a couple hopes to keep after 20 years of relationship, such as strength, duration, and invincibility.

21st Anniversary Gemstone: Iolite

Iolite is the traditional stone for a 21st wedding anniversary. It is ideal for helping to find direction in life, as it supports the thought processes.

22nd Anniversary Gemstone: Spinel

Spinel has an enormous variety of colors: red, pink, orange, purple, and blue. For many years, red spinel was confused with ruby, and as a result is one of the most desired colors, which makes it the ideal stone for a 22nd anniversary celebration.

23rd Anniversary: Imperial Topaz

The 23rd wedding anniversary stone is imperial topaz, it is the stone of imagination and goals, typically offered in a reddish orange color. It is believed to be able to revive a person, increasing their positive thinking and expanding certainty and pride in their abilities.

24th Anniversary: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone. Known as the "stone of magic", it has properties that help to relax, calm stress, and improve balance. It is the traditional 24th anniversary stone, usually offered in the blue gemstone version.

25th Anniversary Gemstone: Silver Jubilee

The 25th wedding anniversary is known as the silver anniversary, so traditional gifts are silver jewelry, symbolizing the brilliance of a long-lasting relationship. There are endless silver jewelry options that you can gift, and at Wonther we have several jewelry pieces that are perfect for a 25th wedding anniversary.

30th Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl Jubilee

Natural pearls are hard to find, so they are associated with the 30th anniversary because of the rarity of finding someone to spend your life with. In this way, gifting pearls can represent the beauty and scarcity of such a wonderful marriage union.

35th Anniversary Gemstone: Emerald

On your 35th wedding anniversary, you can take the opportunity to purchase a piece of jewelry with an emerald, the brightest green stone, to celebrate yet another important milestone.

40th Anniversary Gemstone: Ruby

The red ruby has always been the gemstone associated with the 40th anniversary for its representation of solid love and passion that has endured 40 years of marriage.

45th Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire

There is nothing that better represents a great lasting love than a 45-year marriage. This is a special milestone where you can offer a beautiful sapphire gemstone.

50th Anniversary Gemstone: Golden Jubilee

The 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated with gold, as a representation of the prosperity, richness, power, and happiness of a marriage that has lasted a lifetime. Gold also gives you the flexibility to choose any gemstone you want to gift.

55th Anniversary Gemstone: Alexandrite

"Emerald by day, ruby by night," is the nickname of alexandrite, for its dramatic color change. It is such an unusual and unique stone that it has become a singular gift for a 55th wedding anniversary.

60th Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond

Reaching 60 years of marriage is a milestone that needs to be celebrated. And there is nothing more unique and special than diamonds - a representation of the enduring strength of the love you feel for each other.

70th Anniversary Gemstone: Platinum Jubilee

Platinum is a very resistant metal, just like a 70-year marriage, making it the ideal gift to celebrate this unique milestone in a couple's life. Choosing this metal also allows you to choose any gem option, as long as it is set in platinum.

75th Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire

Sapphire is a very popular stone that works perfectly in most types of jewelry, making it the ideal stone to celebrate the one and only 75th wedding anniversary.

80th Anniversary Gemstone: Ruby

The ruby is given as a symbol of love and companionship, and what can represent that better than 80 years of marriage? Take this rare love milestone as an opportunity to gift a gorgeous red ruby jewelry piece.


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