Pisces Zodiac Sign and The Perfect Jewelry

February 19 – March 20

Symbol: Two Fish

 Element: Water

Ruling planet: Neptune

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Pisces traits

Thinks everything is a sign


Excessively romantic

Prone to fantasy

No boundaries

Famous Pisces

Nina Simone

Gabriel García Márquez

Anaïs Nin


Victor Hugo

What is the personality of a Pisces?

Sensitive and intuitive, Pisces have these great skills. Their behavior can change according to their surroundings. If they are surrounded by big personalities, they can diffuse into those personalities, and you won’t notice them. They love to be around people or situations they can experience, such as a sandy beach, where they feel each grain, or next to someone that has a smell or a look that makes them feel a universal connection.

They are likely to not have a clear identity. Imagination is the biggest trait of a Pisces, and also their internal life - traits that are very hard to identify. Pisces are very into themselves, into their interior. They are boundless and they diffuse their presence with agility. They love fantasy and living in a magic existence melded with reality. Because our society usually praises hard skills, Pisces can feel they have no place because they speak the language of feelings instead of practical information. A Pisces will remember how you make them feel, but might not remember the situation. They can see your feelings sometimes even before you do. Very sensitive to emotional information they see the windows of people’s souls. They are detached from the external world, so sometimes you might see them as an outcast of realness. Very into melancholy, they find it pleasurable. They might hang on to a painful feeling because they rather feel bad than not feel anything at all. They are self-defeating and sometimes they can feel like a victim when they are the ones that contribute to that situation.

Pisces in Love

To seduce a Pisces, look into their eyes, tell them about your deepest fears, and let them know that you were never able to talk like this to anyone before. Send them this information in a letter, handwritten in French. Pisces can be taken advantage of because of their compassion, because they love to attract people to their causes more than to them. So, they can attract people with emotional issues. Pisces long for a love that empowers them and that embraces their sensitivity without taking advantage of them. The Pisces soul mate is someone that will love them but still help them restrain and materialize their personalities. The right partner will be warm and cozy, but not boring.

Pisces in Friendship

Pisces usually make friends easily and relate to others very easily too. Pisces love other Pisces and people with a deep emotional connection. They want to be there for friends, but sometimes they are distracted looking at a beautiful sunset and they will miss your call. Great listeners, Pisces sometimes internalize other people’s problems, and instead of helping solve them, they might just make everything worse. Because they attract very co-dependent friends, they might try to find some alone time, and these friends might not see that alone time as something positive. Pisces internalize resentment because they try to blame themselves for the problems. Sometimes they internalize so much resentment that it can come out as a non-expected outburst, and others might find that moment out of context, after all, everything was OK.  

To celebrate the Pisces Zodiac Sign, we have designed a jewelry piece that organically embraces and celebrates the universe of Pisces. This is the Gender Neutral Pisces Jewelry Necklace.

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