Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and The Perfect Jewelry

November 22 – December 21

Symbol: Archer

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Birthstone: Turquoise

Sagittarius traits

Never still, always moving

Loves knowledge

Obsessed with self-improvement

The friendliest person at the party

Famous Sagittarius

Jean Michel Basquiat

Jane Austen

Nicki Minaj

Emily Dickinson

Diego Rivera

What’s the Sagittarius personality like?

A Sagittarius loves to experiment, the world is their playground. They want to understand the world where they live but their internal world too. They love to question who they are. They are the zodiac philosophers. They love to experiment and are reckless when they go after what they want. They love the human mind, and the quest of understanding it, while they make their conjunctions about the universe. They love the journey and not the destination. The Sagittarius adores freedom and is one of the most generous signs in the zodiac. They are optimistic and they infect everyone with it. It’s very hard for them to focus, but once they get their mind on something, they will pursue it until they get it. They usually overcome impossible challenges. They don’t fear change and truly enjoy exploring the unknown. Because Sagittarius loves to transcend limitations, mundane life happiness can pass them by. They don’t appreciate the small victories, because they focus on the goal. This might make them dismissive. They love to know everything about everything, they love knowledge. Because they love knowledge and it’s very hard to acquire everything super fast, they have a hard time keeping up with discipline when learning about something. Sagittarius are natural risk-takers, and they don’t look back. This makes them abandon things even before they start, and many times they don’t get anything done. They can get caught up in various projects and won’t finish any of them.

Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius are always trying to figure out what love is, they think about it more than other zodiac signs. They don’t need a person to complete them. To seduce a Saggitarius, talk about your personal life philosophy. Because Sagittarius are very open they tend to fall in love very quickly. They don’t see the point of waiting to get to know someone very well, they calculate the risk super fast. So, if a Sagittarius wants you, you will know right away. They know that love is not forever. They are attracted to novelty, and love at first sight is very common. Sagittarius are very independent and get bored very easily. They love new adventures, so they are constantly seeking a new one. They keep looking for someone to have a good time with, to experience the world with, without being afraid of the consequences. They love someone that also loves life. Sagittarius are attracted to the mind, by people that are intellectuals that can teach them about things they don’t know, and that have a sharp sense of humor. They love people that bring out their inner philosopher. Because they love freedom they are afraid of being vulnerable, so they move to the next adventure easily.

Sagittarius in Friendship

A Sagittarius loves the concept of friendship more than the person itself. They are loyal, but they are not consistent. They love the idea of loyalty but their freedom always speaks higher. So, if you try to retain them and don’t want to have a friendship on their own conditions, they will resent you. Never try to hold a Sagittarius back, put them in a specific box, force them into a shirt that doesn’t fit, because you will become their enemy. Because they love knowledge they hate advice, no one knows more than they do, so their pride sometimes doesn’t allow them to learn from other people.

To celebrate the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, we have designed a gender-neutral jewelry piece that organically embraces and celebrates the universe of Sagittarius. This is our take on the Sagittarius Jewelry Necklace.

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