Capricorn Zodiac Sign and The Perfect Jewelry

December 22 – January 19

Symbol: Sea Goat

Element: Earth

Ruling planet: Saturn

Birthstone: Garnet

Capricorn traits


The responsible friend

Drive by duty

Nothing gets in the way of success

Famous Capricorns

Martin Luther King Jr.

Jeff Bezos

Timothée Chalamet

Michelle Obama

Edgar Allan Poe

What kind of person is a Capricorn?

Capricorns want respect and not admiration. They don’t desire to be the center of attention, but they want to prove their abilities, especially to themselves. They are masters of discipline, usually workaholics. They love competing with themselves. But they like to be appraised, not worshiped, just simple words about how they did a good job. They can go through adversity until they achieve success, even though they might feel inferior or incompetent. They love structure and goals to keep achieving and to tone down their self-criticism. They are very pragmatic and will get to the finish line, no matter what. They are very driven to success because they fear failure. In a position of power, they will become good leaders because they are very stable. Capricorns will try to fix every problem because they are naturally very responsible. They are the leaders, even though they don’t like to depend on anyone else because they are afraid to be dependable on others.

Capricorn in Love

Capricorns don’t fall in love easily. To conquer a Capricorn, become their best friend and drop a few hints, a couple of years later they realize they are in love with you. Their love adventures can be just platonic ones. They don’t like to depend on anyone, and allowing themselves to be emotionally dependent can be very frightening. They admire self-sufficient people that dominate technical skills. They will also love someone that can explain art or philosophy with style and pose, or tell them historical facts of the ancient world. But they want to take the lead, and like people, that is not very emotional. Because Capricorns aim to be good at everything they do, sometimes intimacy might be a bit mechanical. Love might feel like a need for skill-proofing instead of passion. Capricorns love to fulfill others’ fantasies, so they become sophisticated lovers and understand when to be gentle and intense. They don’t lose interest fast, and they can also be very deep. They value family and stability; they are here for the long run. They love to be responsible for a goal, and sometimes family is that goal. Capricorns love people that share the same values as they do.

Capricorn in Friendship

Great loyal friends, they expect the same in return. They need to feel secure and they like structure. They will be extremely dedicated to you if you have the same values as them. Work ethic is their biggest trait and sometimes it is hard to work with friends. They are very into the success path but also have a soft side. They are very practical and even if it looks like they don’t care about friends, that’s not the truth, because they will do anything to help them succeed in their goals. If you need help to get your life together a Capricorn friend will be the best one for the job. They are emotionally very dependable, and they won't leave you hanging, because they are very in touch with their values, and being dependable is one of them.

To celebrate the Capricorn Zodiac Sign, we have designed a gender-neutral jewelry piece that organically embraces and celebrates the universe of Capricorn. This is the Wonther Capricorn Jewelry Necklace

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