Aquarius Zodiac Sign and The Perfect Jewelry

January 20 – February 18

Symbol: Water Bearer

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Uranus

Birthstone: Amethyst

Aquarius traits


Love concepts

More in love with humanity as a whole than individuals

Always feels like an outcast

Fetishizes personal freedom

Famous Aquarians

Virginia Woolf

Frederick Douglass

Michael Jordan

Yoko Ono

Huey P. Newton

James Joyce


What kind of a person is an Aquarius?

Aquarius have a great sense of humor and love to gather friends around their knowledge and theories. Still, they are outcasts, because they love to be weird, they love conspiracy theories, and to create art installations with trash. They love to have the most strange or unpopular opinion possible. They love to be different to prove a point. They always go against the current. They have a world in their heads, even if that world doesn’t match others' reality. They are utopians. They love to think about problems that need to be solved or even to invent new ones. They don’t like normal, they don’t do normal. Rules are for others, and definitions too. They need freedom, they need that space to live between their need for a community and complete detachment. They live their lives as an experimental theory. Life is a laboratory and they will test all the hypotheses about human nature. They love causes, and demand the freedom to fight for them.

Aquarius in Love

For Aquarians, love is a practical philosophy. To be noticed by an Aquarius, dress unconventionally and protest about the political system outside their workplace. When flirting they get nervous and when they try to flirt, instead of a sexy comment a new social theory can arise. On a date, Aquarius can forget to ask others questions and keep rambling about themselves and their vision of life. They love to use humor as a crutch. Aquarius are attracted to intelligence, imagination, and inspiration. If you have a different philosophical view of the world they don’t understand, or the same type of humor, both can be a spark for a love connection.  Aquarians are always interested in figuring out people, not about who you are, but what are the facts you have learned, the experiences you have had, and what is your point of view on certain issues that move you. They will idealize the person they wish to have a relationship with. Aquarius want to be accepted, and sometimes they idealize their partners unrealistically. This will make them not accept their partners fully. They hate to feel others have formed expectations of them. They love to be independent and any type of expectations might make them distant and cold. They don’t like clingy partners. They have a very hard time compromising. Aquarius require a partner that can understand their need for space, who is interested in non-conforming types of relationships.

Aquarius in Friendship

Aquarians are very friendly but hard to be close to. They don’t like to talk about their personal lives and prefer to talk about topics they enjoy, such as the latest environmental law. They don’t believe in prioritizing friends, so they will give a friend the same attention that they might give a stranger on the subway. They love to be the givers, especially to people they feel are in need at the moment, and those people might not be their friends. They like to see themselves as unselfish givers. They love to be surrounded by different types of people, but don’t like to develop a deep relationship with them. They don’t find deep connections interesting because they don’t want to fall into a constructed sense of friendship. If you are in a crisis, an Aquarius is not the best friend to seek. Social injustice or the world not corresponding to their philosophical standards can be very frustrating to Aquarius. They need to feel that what they do, even in friendship, is aligned with their beliefs. Aquarius take everything personally, especially if it hurts their self-image. They will deal with upset feelings with sarcasm and deflection.

To celebrate the Aquarius Zodiac Sign, we have designed a gender-neutral jewelry Aquarius piece that embraces and celebrates the universe of Aquarius. It’s an organic design that was made to be worn by the most amazing Aquarius.

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