Scorpio Zodiac Sign and The Perfect Jewelry

October 23 – November 21

Symbol: Scorpion

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Pluto

Birthstone: Topaz

Scorpio traits

Good with uncomfortable silence

Eyes that look into your soul

Famous Scorpios

Sylvia Plath

Leonardo DiCaprio

Marie Antoinette


Fyodor Dostoevsky

What kind of a person is a Scorpio?

Socially they are very popular, but they can also be very lonely. A very complex personality that is not always easy to get to know. Scorpios are strategic thinkers and socialize strategically. They can see behind your façade and are very sure where they stand. Scorpios have this idea of the world that is black and white, losers or winners, power or weakness. Every interaction is a win-or-lose situation. They learn very fast what a person’s weak point is, and they push those buttons in order to win, with no mercy. They can be manipulative, and because they like to win, they can play people against each other. They are not liars, but they always think twice about what to reveal, and every piece of information is very calculated when revealed. They are fierce and they confront problems head-on. They appreciate life because they don’t fear death. They have a huge illusion of control, and that makes them fearful of being vulnerable. They don’t like to open up, because they feel this will give other people control over them. They like to feel in control.

Scorpio in Love

Be suspicious if a Scorpio tells you “I Love You” very fast, it’s just a test, don’t believe it, until you’re sure. Scorpions love to test people, so they can learn about their inner selves. They have no problem getting intimate fast, but falling in love takes a while. To be in love is to lose self-control, and Scorpios don’t like to lose control. But when they fall in love with someone, they can be very possessive, and they will want to know that person just like anyone else does. Scorpios are flirting masters, they have no inhibitions. They love how flirting can make them control the situation, and they love the game. They don’t do small talk, they just go straight to the point and they will say it as they feel it, and most of the time, they will state how you are feeling too. Scorpios have intense looks, and they will test you with their look, and if they feel you’re trustworthy they will attract you as a magnet. You’ll be getting on a Scorpio passion train if you’re someone that pushes their boundaries. They demand true passion mixed with a bit of dark forbidden energy. They don’t hide behind the mask of desire, and they desire someone that does the same. They love to dare and have dramatic experiences. Even though Scorpio loves passion, they also don’t like to be dominated by it, so sometimes their soul mate might be the opposite.

Scorpio in Friendship

Scorpios are great friends. Loyal and concerned, they like real people because they don’t have the time for masks, just for what’s real. A Scorpio is happy in a friendship if it can dominate the relationship. They want to feel important and even vital to a relationship, when they feel this they will lean into a unique friendship. They will be accountable for the relationship and for the people they care about. They are very good at seeing real emotions, so they will know when you really need them.

To celebrate the Scorpio Zodiac Sign, we have designed a gender-neutral jewelry piece that organically embraces and celebrates the universe of Scorpio. Presenting the Wonther Scorpio Jewelry Necklace.


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