How and why to create an NFT jewelry collection

At this point, you need to be living under a rock to not hear about NFTs. Still, hearing about something and understanding it completely is a totally different game. As it was for us, and truth be told, it took us an entire year to really understand it and to decide to launch a jewelry collection as an NFT. But now we are so excited! And really want to share a bit of our path and acquired knowledge with you.

Why a jewelry NFT ?

NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, the metaverse of VR, gaming, and internet 3.0 – everything is evolving fast and furiously. Jewelry is no different, it is also evolving beyond the physical world. And so did Wonther. Overall, we as a brand like to evolve, not just in our ethos but also in our creations, and this time it’s all about NFTs. Consequently, we’ve launched a collection with 5 jewelry NFTs that intend to create a real connection in the virtual world. Can this actually make sense?

The NFT collection

Real connections are rare and deserve to be honored. We deeply believe this. We wanted to allow anyone to instantly, through jewelry, send this message to someone. So, we’ve created an exclusive jewelry NFT that allows anyone to show a special person that there is a true connection bonding them forever. It’s a celebration of a connection you have with someone in the real world – or maybe even in the Metaverse. Real connections can’t be faked, just as you can’t fake an NFT.

This collection is composed of 5 different jewelry links that can only be bought as an NFT. Even though these are all paired with a real-life jewelry piece, with the same characteristics as the NFT, the truth is that you can gift a Wonther NFT jewelry piece and create a link of real connections. A piece of jewelry can be passed from a mother to a daughter or from a friend to another. So can an NFT, and the registration will be there forever. All the ownerships will be registered on the digital certificate, and you can see the connections history that this jewelry NFT has made through time.

NFTs and digital property

Because NFTs are non-fungible tokens, it means that this is a property title that cannot be defrauded, but can be issued and traded entirely online, efficiently, and securely. An NFT guarantees the ownership of a digital asset or the authorship and licensing in the digital universe, which is an advantage in the face of the scary distribution and illegal reproduction of online content.

NFTs run on a protocol or technology called the blockchain. In short, blockchain is a system that allows you to track the sending and receiving of some types of information over the internet. They are pieces of code generated online, which carry connected information, like blocks of data that form a chain. It is this system that allows the operation and transaction of so-called cryptocurrencies, encrypted, and decentralized. NFTs secure a digital contract with an irrevocable record.

The process of creating jewelry NFT

First, you need the design or the NFT piece itself, in our case the collectible. We’ve worked with two designers, our dear sweet Carla that created the 3D design, and the talented Pedro, who’s specialized in motion design.

The purchase and sale of the NFT take place through exclusive digital platforms for NFTs trading. We’ve chosen OpenSea to do the minting (the process of creating an NFT and registering on the blockchain) because it’s one of the most popular and has a huge community behind it.

Depending on the blockchain and the NFT marketplace chosen to mint your NFT, you can expect different costs. The minting puts an NFT on a smart contract blockchain, but you usually need to pay the transaction fees. You must always consider the minting cost and the fuel cost associated (that fluctuates daily). You will also need a crypto wallet to pay for the minting and to store the NFTs that are priced and paid for in cryptocurrencies – typically Ethereum. Ours is also Ethereum priced. After this point, an NFT will be stored on a blockchain and encrypted using a unique code that allows the ownership or the transaction.

Anyone who wants to transact an NFT, it can be a jewelry one, or any other form of art such as music, digital art, or literature, must also have an account on one of these platforms, usually OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Axie Infinity, BakerySwap… and associate it with their own crypto wallet, where the cryptocurrencies are kept – you can find several, such as MetaMask (most used in OpenSea), Keyruptive, Coinbase, Electrum, Mycelium… The crypto wallet used to mint NFT is the gateway pass to a collectible, and it also keeps track of each transaction. Furthermore, the crypto wallet provides access to the NFT via public addresses and private keys.

The differentiation of an NFT

The differentiation of NFTs is that the idea of collection and value is no longer restricted to rare items in the physical world, it allows the existence of opportunities for digital rarities or collectibles. It’s like the Mona Lisa painting, anyone can look at it in the Louvre, but the painting belongs to the museum.

Even though an NFT can be viewed for free and online, in addition to owning the NFT, you can dispose of it, that is, and depending on its valuation in the market, it can be a good investment.

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