Virgo Zodiac Sign and The Perfect Jewelry

August 23 – September 22

Symbol: Virgin

Element: Earth

Ruling planet: Mercury

Birthstone: Blue Sapphire

Virgo traits


Needs to feel useful

Has a quick fix for everything

Judgmental, with good intentions

Famous Virgos

Marsha P. Johnson

Bernie Sanders

Agatha Christie

Georges Bataille

Antonin Artaud

What are Virgo's personality traits?

Virgos are all-around perfectionists. They are detail-oriented and will find patterns where no one else does. They are known for their attention to detail. They can be picky and critical. Clean freaks, Virgos don’t necessarily clean up to an excellent standard, but they can, for instance, freak out if you come into their home with your shoes on. Everything has its own place because Virgos always want to be in an organized environment. Virgos will also fix the lives of those around them and sometimes forget about themselves. They are very motivated to help fix other people's problems. Known for being intelligent, they have an introverted nature. Because of this nature, you might never know how they really think or feel. You might share your deepest thoughts with a Virgo, but you might not receive the same in return.

To be happy, a Virgo needs to feel useful, productive, and contributing to something bigger than themselves. They’re rarely motivated by their own self-interest. They need to feel needed to feel valued. Usually, you can see a Virgo behind the scenes, making everyone's lives easier. They love to-do lists and checklists, and they love setting goals that will cause impact.

Usually modest people, they don’t need grandiose gestures of appreciation. They will notice every detail in everything. They want to be perfect, but because they can’t, they are very insecure, and this can make them very unhappy. They need to be the best to feel their existence is valuable. This can make them lose touch with their feelings and be very rational. Because Virgos don’t know how to express their feelings very well, they can be very harsh or sarcastic.

Virgo in Love

It takes a while for a Virgo to fall in love. They are not into great passions. Because they need control over their lives, they don’t let themselves be easily infatuated with passion. They can be very cynical. But when a Virgo falls in love, they feel the need to correspond to the perfect relationship. To seduce a Virgo, ask for help with the bed laundry, and casually explain why you like to make the bed with clean, very well-ironed, and perfect Egyptian cotton sheets. A rigid person can be attractive because they can come across as a decisive and confident person. Virgos love to achieve beauty standards that can be very hard to achieve, and they can be very careful with their appearance. Health oriented, they take care of themselves meticulously. Their closets are usually curated, and their bodies are well toned.  

The real problem is that when a Virgo falls in love they will look for the perfect experience, something that is not achievable in the real world. Virgos need to learn how to be at peace with themselves, to love themselves, to learn that they are love worthy, and then they will understand that to be in love is not a perfectly achieved goal.

Even though Virgos are perfectionists they are not superficial, they can find beauty in small details only they can see. Usually, Virgos feel attracted to someone that has a characteristic they want to fulfill in themselves. They can feel attracted to a creative person because they want to feel more creative. Virgos tend to be attracted to more unstable people because they like to fix people. Because most of the time this goal is not achievable, this will bring a lot of suffering, and the feeling that they have been taken advantage of. Virgos usually have unrealistic expectations, so they get very critical of others, they feel the need to point out others' flaws as they do in themselves. When they get involved in a relationship, they will always see the biggest potential, and because that is not usually achievable – because everyone has flaws – they can feel distracted, and their hearts lose interest. The mind usually wins over the heart.

Virgo in Friendship

Virgos are very dependable friends. They will pick their friends very carefully. They think before they act, so they usually take others’ emotions into consideration. They are the type of person that will call you and will ask if they can help you if they know you need it. Virgos love efficiency, so they don’t like to waste energy, space, or time. They love kind and empathetic people, but gravitate towards analytical people because they love to evolve and they love people who like to do the same. They are usually good at giving advice and love to solve problems. They can be very judgmental because they are always trying to identify flaws or illogical patterns or even hypocrisy.

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