How to mix gold and silver jewelry

Even Coco Chanel and later Loulou de la Falaise, who designed jewelry for Yves Saint Lauren, were fascinated by the combination of gold and silver. It is not something new, and it is definitely no fashion faux pas, as people once considered. 

Nowadays, the rule of fashion is to make your own rules. 

So, if you want to mix metals, but are still questioning it, the answer is: go for it. It’s not something scientific, it’s all about intuition.

It has already been a long time since mixing gold and silver jewelry was considered a no-go. Forget about this, it’s just as old as not wearing white after Labor Day. Mixing these noble metals it’s a stylish and smart way to accessorize.

Now, this might sound like a pretty easy thing to do when you first hear about it. Mixing jewelry… what’s to know… Well, you have to give yourself the freedom of mind to enhance your style, and yes, different metals and materials go very well together. 

Here are a few tips that might help your mix match of jewelry materials:

Choose what you’re mixing

What is your focal point? Consider the four central jewelry regions: neck, ears, wrists, and fingers. Wearing several jewelry pieces at once can get too much. Choose only one or two parts of the body to be the “eye-catcher” and display your mixed jewelry. All the other jewelry pieces should complement your centerpiece. For instance, if the gold and silver pieces are already layered in your neck or chest, it’s preferable not to put too many pieces in your ears. Go for simple studs instead. 

Find an anchor piece. Start with a mixed-metal piece of jewelry. It is simpler if you build around a piece of jewelry you love. You can then start adding more pieces until you meet your intentional look. 

Stick with the same aesthetic 

For a more balanced and cohesive look, and to start, try to stick with the same aesthetic. Are you going for a look that’s a statement or a minimalist one? With that in mind, it’s easier if you choose jewelry pieces with the same theme or design since you’re already mixing colors. 

Also, go for the same shade of gold or silver. There are a lot of different colors out there, especially for gold, with rose gold and chocolate gold, amongst others. As you are stacking your rings or other jewelry pieces, pick one shade of gold to mix with one shade of silver. 

Speaking of color and shades, try to avoid wearing your gold and silver jewelry in a pattern. Mix it up, so it doesn’t end up looking like stripes or too intentional. For instance, when stacking bracelets, try to put 2 or 3 gold ones, then 1 or 2 silver ones, and so on. Seek to mix metals evenly throughout the look.  

Choose colors that go well with gold and silver

Choosing colors in an outfit that go with both gold and silver can be a bit tricky. Not all colors that go well with gold, do great with silver, and vice-versa. 

White and black are those two unmistakable tones you could never go wrong with. The contrast with the metallic color of your jewelry is astonishing. Gold and silver will make both shades look as though they’re shimmering.

Blue, green, and gray can also do wonders. However, don’t go for simple pastels if you’re wearing silver - it’ll make your pieces look washed out. Leave those colors for only gold jewelry days. If this piece of information sparkled your curiosity about styling silver, feel free to check out “10 Tips for styling your sterling silver jewelry”. 

Layer your gold and silver pieces

Layering is already well-known in the fashion industry, being described as the art of overlaying pieces of jewelry. You can put infinite combinations together and adapt them to your outfit, mood, and style. And why should you stick to layering one metal only? Make the most out of your gold and silver jewelry favorites. 

However, this combination should look harmonious, not messy or overloaded. A great way to create a balanced look is by layering a necklace on top of the other by starting from the longest until the shortest. Or else, wear a gold statement necklace and then layer it with a subtle silver chain. It will look stunning. 

When it comes to rings, stack 2 or 3 on the same finger. You can wear a pinky ring and then stack rings on another finger. You can even leave your wedding or engagement ring on. Stack rings on top of it or around it, to show off your most important ring. Just keep in mind to consider the colors. Don’t forget to mix up the pattern. 

Make it a personal choice

Wearing jewelry is a personal choice, a way to express one's authentic style and creativity to the world. Therefore, the only thing wearing gold and silver together can do is to show off your personality and personal style. Try it out, and you’ll see that the only thing that equals wearing gold and silver together are compliments, which will hopefully lead to more confidence.

Wearing gold and silver together can create an awe-inspiring look. It really is the perfect pair, and combining the two makes a beautiful visually attractive mix of elements. Wearing gold and silver jewelry together is all about finding the right balance.   

Bring out your creativity and build your own look by interweaving gold and silver pieces. You’ll stand out like a breath of fresh air, wearing that mix of colors. Never fear coloring outside of the lines, but if you are not comfortable doing it, that’s okay too. At the end of the day how you see yourself in the mirror is all that matters. 

I’ll leave you with some inspiration by the one and only Iris Apfel about the power of jewelry:  

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