buy new


Instead of buying new, we suggest you repair it.
We offer repair services for our own and other jewelry brands.


Because no one needs to buy more than necessary, we offer a repairing service.

Sometimes accidents happen and time can take a toll, especially on gold-plated jewelry pieces.

If you want to repair any of your jewelry pieces, just fill in the form below, and we will happily send you a quote.


Goldplate Coating (we give your worn silver gold-plated piece a new 1-micron gold coat)
Vermeil Coating (if you need an extra thick layer of 3-micron gold on your piece)
Precious Stone exchange (if you want to exchange the color or the stone in a jewelry piece you have)
Broken Chain (we will fix the chain, or even exchange it all)
Clasp Exchange (if your clasp is no longer working, we can fix it or exchange it for a new one)
Enamel repair
Ring resizing
Broken jewelry overall
Chain resizing
And many, many others