My Precious Tree

Besides only working with ethically sourced materials, using non-plastic packaging and accepting used precious metals for recycling, from now on we commit to plant a tree every time you buy a piece.

The levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are the highest in over 400,000 years due to human actions. It's no longer enough to help - our planet is too sick - we must act. Which means from now on: you buy a piece, we plant a tree. 

And where do we plant these trees? In one of our most beautiful Portuguese natural parks – Peneda-Gerês. We can help tone down the deforestation that has been created by the horrible fires that have been happening every year. Local oak trees are fundamental, not just for the flora but also the fauna, and we are so proud to be part of this action.


If you believe, just like us, that this is a worthy action, feel free to add how many you wish to your cart, and don’t worry, we will send you pictures of the trees you helped us plant.

To us, Wonther means working on even more actions to build an ethical brand and giving more to Mother Nature.

Thank you for your precious gesture!