Libra Zodiac Sign and The Perfect Jewelry

September 23 – October 22

Symbol: Scales

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Venus

Birthstone: Opal

Libra traits

Loves to be surrounded by people

Into aesthetic

Social butterfly

Conflict avoidant

Easily hurt

Famous Libras

Friedrich Nietzsche

Kim Kardashian

Gwyneth Paltrow

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The Libra personality

They hate monotony and repetitive actions; they are always looking for ways to be inspired or challenged. Libras can look very contradictory, they can be introverted and extroverted at the same time. You can’t see the true character of a Libra right away because they change and mirror the environment. They love to be admired for their allure and love to have everyone gravitate towards them. They can be very indecisive because they value everyone’s sides and don’t want to hurt anyone. Because they value empathy, they can take longer to figure it out themselves. They are always willing to help others and can be easily manipulated. They need to be noticed so they can feel validated. Very positive, sometimes this feeling can be overwhelming because they might not see underlying signs. Libras are afraid of being alone, they love the pack feeling. They don’t like what they don’t know: Libras organize their lives so they don’t get in touch with the unknown. Sometimes this fear of the unknown and being risk-averse will prevent them from achieving their most desired goals. They are very sensitive to criticism because they value themselves with external validation. Libras usually prefer to blame their problems on external factors instead of their internal battles, so sometimes they lash out at others. It can be hard for them to verbalize their feelings, because of their internal turbulence.

Libra in Love

To seduce a Libra take them to a party, don’t get any alone time, and say how much you admire their social skills. Libras are very into aesthetics, so they value beauty. They know how to enhance their best features, and they know how to show up well-dressed. They love beauty and see beauty in every detail, and because they love positivity, they believe that anyone can be beautiful even in their own flaws. Most of the time, the Libra’s interior can contrast with their exterior. On the outside you can see a very put-together, stylish, social person, but inside, they can be very murky and insecure. So, if you're into a Libra get ready to deal with these two sides. They need a soul mate that can be there for them at all times, that will show them the light when they don’t see it. They can be emotionally unstable, but they don’t show it, because it will reveal a side of them they don’t like. A Libra’s soul mate is someone that will help them be in control of their emotions, and that will love the dark and the light.

Libra in Friendship

In a friendship with a Libra, the lack of commitment can become a reality. They have a very hard time focusing on one person, so it might be hard to maintain a relationship with them. They love to please everyone and don’t like to take sides. They love to compromise and are very empathic, so they can have a hard time telling the truth to others. 

To celebrate the Libra Zodiac Sign, we have designed a gender-neutral jewelry piece that organically embraces and celebrates the universe of Libra. This is the Libra Jewelry Necklace.

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