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About Wonther

Wonther is an ethical and sustainable Portuguese jewelry brand that celebrates ambitions, achievements, and uniqueness. All the pieces are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. Featured all over the world, each Wonther's jewelry has a secret meaning, because all are created to inspire everyone to be proud of who they are, no matter what.

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The ‘grandmother’s medallion’ with a new edition for Mother's Day


Wonther Good VIbes Locket Moonstone

"Last year, Wonther - a national jewelry brand - reinvented the grandmother's traditional medallion. And the thread, instead of the traditional photo kept inside, brings in the medallion a precious stone, which can be changed according to the energy you want to attract: trust, love, success, protection."

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Wonther launches collection in natural silver


Wonther Naturally Silver

"Wonther has just launched the first jewelry collection made exclusively in natural silver. A line of pieces with greater durability and more sustainability."

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Race for silver and gold forces Portuguese jewelry prices to rise


"As of April 6th, the Portuguese jewelery brand Wonther will raise its prices by an average of 30%. The decision is made in view of the volatility of the prices of precious metals and the brand's commitment to remain ethical and sustainable."

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Portuguese women unite to reduce menstrual poverty


"This year, to celebrate International Women's Day, Wonther and 18 brands created by Portuguese women will donate 8% of their earnings to reduce menstrual poverty in São Tomé and Príncipe and Guinea-Bissau. The campaign is called "Stand by Her" and runs from March 1st to 8th."

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Wonther launches limited edition exclusively to celebrate love


"In the 60s, a couple in love was forced to live long months apart. During that summer they exchanged sealed letters with a kiss. The story was popularized by the song "Seal it with a kiss", in the voice of New Yorker Brian Hyland."

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Portuguese Brand Launches Capsule Collection in New York


"At the invitation of the Brooklyn Collective (space in Brooklyn, New York) frequented by several international celebrities, Wonther will launch two new products later this month."

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Lucky Numbers


"What is your "lucky number"? The power and meaning of numbers have crossed centuries of history and are gaining expression in a society waiting for better days."

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Sustainable Black Friday


"Sustainable Black Friday: offset carbon emissions. The Portuguese jewelry brand Wonther no longer wants 'black' days for the planet and has already created measures to make this a “Green Friday”."

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The Creative Bazaar


"On November 7th, 15 small sustainable brands founded by women in New York City will be joining a virtual event that contributes with a percentage of sales to the non-profit association Equal Justice Initiative."

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#WontherWomen Sparkle Christmas


"Entrepreneurship: women come together to stimulate national brands, this Christmas The #WontherWomen Sparkle Christmas initiative wants to create a vicious circle of support for national brands, founded by women."

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The "grandmother's" Medallion


"The 'grandmother's' medallion is back, but with a twist.
Do you remember the old medallions that were worn close to the heart? With a photograph of someone you loved? The Portuguese brand Wonther regained its tradition, but gave it a new twist. "

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Rachael Wang x Teen Vogue


"Portuguese jewelry brand is a reference of
sustainability at Vogue USA. Rachael Wang, the biggest reference in inclusive and sustainable styling in the United States, selected pieces from the Portuguese jewelery brand Wonther for an editorial by TeenVogue."

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Love, Give Back, Repeat


"Brand starts with a unique initiative in Portugal!
Until August 31, 2020, Wonther will accept used or unwanted silver pieces. In addition to the commitment to recycle these pieces, the Portuguese brand of ethical and sustainable jewelry offers a 20% discount on purchases."

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