Our Prices are Going Up


Dear Wonther Community,

I started this brand just over a year ago, with little certainty about the journey, and let me tell you that this has been a challenging adventure, for me and all those who walk by my side.

Yet, since then, beautiful pieces were created, and lifelong friends were made. We met extraordinary people that inspired us, and we contributed to causes that move us. We joined other women-owned brands, recycled precious metals, and received love from all over the world. And there is still so much more to come - things we did not even dream were possible.

Despite all these successes and our constant effort to keep our prices the same as when we started, while maintaining our ethical and sustainable supply chain, that is no longer possible.

During the past year, the prices of precious materials have been increasing exponentially, some of them an unbelievably 60% higher. Sadly, we are subjected to this price volatility. Additionally, we take our ethical commitment very seriously, and we will always choose ethical and sustainable, even if that means it’s more expensive, and lower margins for us.

For all these reasons, starting April 6th we will increase the prices of our pieces by an average of 30%.

This was an extremely hard decision, and not an easy one to share. It is not easy to work transparently, but we feel we must comply with our commitment.

So, if you would like to acquire any piece that is still in stock, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to send it to you by April 6th.

We believe in businesses with a positive impact, and we will keep advocating for a more ethical and sustainable world. Thank you for supporting us and sharing the same values.

With love,

Olga & Wonther Team