You live in a world of chains — some you feel everyday, others are barely noticeable.
This Collection is inspired by the social connection and disconnection that currently exists due to technology.
You have your job, your home, the legal obligations and the social. Then you’ve got the followers, the haters, the ones you want to impress, and the ones you wish you’d never met. You’ve got the expectations of your family, your boss, your peers and (please don’t say it) society. Most importantly, you’ve got such a need to hold onto things, that you don’t realise these links are all broken to begin with. What if you held onto kindness instead of power? Integration, and not borders? Turn definitions around, create new meanings, new traditions. What if you cross stitched your path so tightly to mine, that we become wire, a force to be reckoned with? Turn our unity into power, lifting each other up, creating a chain that does not restraint, but connects. What if, from now on, we chose to be interlinked?