Cancer Zodiac Sign and The Right Jewelry

June 22 – July 22

Symbol: Crab

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Moon

Birthstone: Ruby

Cancer traits

Highly sensitive

Forgives but never forgets

Professional cuddlers

Takes on other people’s problems

Famous Cancers

Emma Goldman

Frida Kahlo

Marcel Proust

Franz Kafka

What is the personality of a Cancer?

Very sensitive, Cancers have many emotions, they can feel everything. Change is not something they enjoy, and the comfort of familiarity and routine is their go-to – so no surprises, please. Very into the past, traditions, and even classic art, the past speaks to them immensely. They’re not very into new experiences. Because they have many moods, they can be weighed down by their mood or the surrounding ones. They don’t like to burden anyone with their feelings of pain, and they don’t like to be vulnerable, because they are usually afraid to get hurt. They can have many moods, and some can be very contradictory. They usually pretend to be OK, even if they are not. Also, they carry grudges, because they feel intensely and they don’t forget easily.

Cancer in Love

They love the idea of being in love. They don’t trust anyone entirely, because they don’t trust the love will last. They need constant reassurance. Hold them in a caring way, but firmly. They fall in love easily. Nevertheless, if a Cancer falls in love, it will carry that feeling for the rest of its life. They are very trustworthy when they are in love. Sometimes they are known to go back to their exes. Their desire for affection and love can lead them to their past and to entertaining the memories of the person they used to be with. To seduce a Cancer, take them on a date to an old castle or a vintage fair, they love history and old stories. Talk about your childhood stories, and about the past, it’s usually a good convo for Cancers. Even though they appear shy, they are very romantic behind their shyness. They also show their feelings easily even if they don’t realize it, in the middle of a conversation, or just in the middle of a story - so pay attention to the conversation, their true feelings might show up there. A Cancer doesn’t fall in love with a person, but with the degree of acceptance and unconditional love that the person is willing to give. So, sometimes for a Cancer, when there is a breakup, it takes a long time to heal, to regain their sense of self because their relationship is very attached to that concept.

Cancer in Friendship

They need to be reassured, not just in their love life, but also in their friendships. Great caretakers, Cancers love to take care of others, because they feel more comfortable in charge. Cancers can be stubborn, and sometimes harsh and vengeful to those who have wronged them and they take a long time to forgive. They tend to hold on to the past, even if it would be much easier to forgive and forget.

To celebrate the Cancer Zodiac Sign, we have designed a gender-neutral jewelry piece that organically embraces and celebrates the universe of Cancer. This is our Wonther Cancer Jewelry Necklace.






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