10 best jewelry pieces for Valentine’s Day

Presenting our selection of infallible gifts for your loved one

LOVE needs to be celebrated. It has kept us alive for years.  Please, seal it with a kiss and bring back the moment when we had our first kiss. It’s not boring, it’s not overrated, it’s not shameful, it’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world. So, celebrate love, with no boundaries because love is to be felt thoroughly. Love unconditionally.  


 You’re My Number One

Because you’re my number one, and always will be. This is a beautiful jewelry piece for Valentine’s Day.

Ethical Jewelry Number One Necklace Wonther


 You and I are 2

Just like the Arctic Monkeys once said: “Baby, I'm yours, And I'll be yours until two and two is three”.

Ethical Jewelry Number Two Gold Necklace Wonther


 Gold is the answer

A gold piece will be forever unchangeable and an everlasting great value.

 Ethical Jewelry G Letter Necklace Wonther

 Family is love

Because you might want to celebrate your love for the person that you share a family journey with.

Ethical Jewelry Family Love Necklace Wonther


 Give love get love

We are firm believers that when you give love, you get love back. So, the boomerang is the kind of jewelry amulet that emanates those vibes.

 Ethical Jewelry Amulet Boomerang Neckalce Wonther

 Seal It with a kiss

A letter was once sealed with a kiss, so seal your love with this piece.  

 Ethical Jewelry Love  Silver Necklace Studs Wonther

 Good vibes for Love

Rose Quartz is the love stone – can you imagine anything better than having this piece next to the heart of your love?

 Ethical Jewelry Amulet Locket Necklace Wonther

 I’m so happy with you

How can love and happiness not be related? You make me so happy is one of the best feelings you can express to the person you love.

Ethical Jewelry Happiness Silver Necklace Wonther


 The ABC of Love

ABC, you and me. A letter or two can express so much love. That’s why we write our initials with a plus sign in the middle. It’s such a beautiful gift that will always be cherished.

 Ethical Jewelry Initial Silver Necklace Wonther

 I hoop that you love me too

Cool and hip: if this describes your partner, then a pair of hoops is just the perfect love gift.

Ethical Jewelry Silver Hoops Earrings Wonther


Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

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